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Throughout their career, Connor Wentworth has taken on new challenges by working on a variety of projects that have served to enhance and advance their development as a writer. Browse through the scripts and other writings that they’ve worked on below, and get in touch for more samples.



Singers, Actors, and Dancers -- oh? And murders. A performing arts school, fittingly called THE SCHOOL, is being plagued by a murderous killing spree, creating their own version of a scary movie, live on stage. But don't worry, THE SCHOOL has got it under control. With every phone call the students receive, another one takes their final bow -- but who is behind the knife?

The Destination Of This Train Is

(a Brief Inquiry Into Online  Relationships)

Some glasses of rosé, a ball drop, and an intimate, uh... sleepover. For most people, that would be the end of that -- but not for Sean and Cody. Their one-night extravaganza is kept alive through social media, technology, their ebbing connection, and a shared love of Maggie Rogers. Perhaps this time in their life is just a stepping stone, or perhaps it will lead them to something else.

Upcoming productions:

Euphoria Theatre Company, Dir. Kennadi Rae Wells - Boston, MA

(August 2022)



a new musical

Book and Lyrics by Connor Wentworth & Taylor Thomas
Music by Taylor Thomas
Orchestrated Eli Schildkraut

We all know the names of greek icons: Icarus and Daedelus, Pandora and Aphrodite, or perhaps Eros and Psyche -- their stories have been told over and over again, since long before the stages or labyrinths were built. But what if the truths we think we know have actually been edited, trapped in boxes, and altered to fit a binary we have outgrown?  What if these mythical beings, these legends, were given a chance to fight back against generations of being forced into stories too small to hold their immense power? Follow the story of Icarus, the way it was meant to be told, and rediscover what it means to "fly too close to the sun.”

Production history:

Boston Conservatory at Berklee Digital Concert Reading, collaborative direction

(November 2020)


Sarah Katherine Lawless (left)
Sage Jepson (right) 


Resting Place

(parts 1 & 2)

Alex, Carson, and Katie have a friendship that can weather anything. But when tragedy washes up on the shore of their small coastal town in Maine, their friendship is tested by grief, love, and a touch of mystery. When the storm ends, who will be left standing out in the cold? 

Production history:

Greenhouse Play Festival at SF State, Dir. Megan Chenot - San Francisco, CA (May 2022)

New Ground Theatre Company, Dir. Alex Leondedis - Boston MA

(October 2019)

bn poster.jpg

Blue Neighbourhood

To love and to be in love -- ultimately, that is our goal. But when love is quickly lost and replaced by tragedy, how do you respond? Blue Neighbourhood is a theatrical response to Troye Sivan's debut album of the same name. Exploring just what it means for a heart to shake, bend, or break, the complications of a community come to center stage. Through ensemble, stark imagery, and magnetic connection, watch as the Blue Neighbourhood attempts to process love, loss, and loneliness. 

Production history:

Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Dir. Christopher James Webb - Boston, MA (April 2021)

New Ground Theatre Company, Dir. Connor Wentworth - Boston, MA

(March 2019)

Theatre of the Mad Jesters, Dir. Connor Wentworth - Ellsworth, ME

(March 2017)

Connor's writing may be found on the new play exchange
and/or by direct request.

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