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playwriting and projects

Connor's artistic work stands as a vivid reflection of his life's journey, woven intricately with themes of resilience, identity, and raw emotional honesty. Structurally, his plays often break conventional molds, mirroring the unfiltered, chaotic essence of his experiences, akin to the narrative styles of plays like "Prima Facie," "COCK," "Blackbird," and "Gloria."


Aesthetically, his works are marked by a stark, visceral realism, often juxtaposing the loud, overwhelming realities of life against the backdrop of personal introspection and vulnerability.


Artistically, Connor draws deep inspiration from his own life – the struggles and triumphs of growing up queer in a small town, the isolation and fear, and the powerful sanctuary he found in theater. His plays are not just stories; they are vivid, living testimonies to the transformative power of theater as a medium for personal and communal catharsis.

A New Genre of Musical

If you knew it all then, would you do it again? Would you do it again? 

"Sanctuary: A New Genre of Musical" revolutionizes Greek mythology, presenting iconic figures like Icarus and Pandora in a new light, free from the confines of their traditional narratives. This innovative musical invites audiences to experience a reimagined world where legends challenge their fates and redefine what it means to fly too close to the sun.

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Resting Place (Part 2)

Alex, Carson, and Katie have a friendship that can weather anything. But when tragedy washes up on the shore of their small coastal town in Maine, their friendship is tested by grief, love, and a touch of mystery. When the storm ends, who will be left standing out in the cold? 



A performing arts school, aptly named THE SCHOOL, scrambles to keep things cool as a series of murders transform the campus into a live, performative horror show. Amidst the creative talents of singers, actors, and dancers, lurks a wolf in goat's clothing, orchestrating a lethal spree that crescendos with each phone call and a student's final curtain call. As the tension escalates, the question remains: who wields the knife behind the mask of artistry?

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The Destination of This Train Is
(a brief inquiry into online relationships)

After a night filled with rosé, New Year's festivities, and an intimate unexpected sleepover, Sean and Cody find themselves entangled in more than just a one-night affair. Kept afloat by social media, technology, and their mutual admiration for Maggie Rogers, their fleeting connection teeters between a mere stepping stone and the path to something deeper. This story explores how modern technology and shared interests can extend a momentary spark into a potential new beginning.


Blue Neighbourhood

A profound quest for love and the heart's resilience in the face of loss and tragedy. Inspired by Troye Sivan's debut album, this play brings the complexities and emotions of a community to the forefront. With a compelling ensemble, vivid imagery, and intense emotional connections, the story unfolds as the characters navigate the tumultuous journey of love, grief, and solitude.

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Queer Bait

"Queer Bait" is a compelling drama that delves into the complexities of modern queer relationships. It follows a group of gay men who navigate the turbulent waters of friendship and love in the digital age. As they meet and bond through online dating sites, their camaraderie is tested by the manipulative undercurrents of these platforms. The play poignantly captures their journey of self-discovery, companionship, and the pitfalls of seeking connection in a virtual world prone to deception.

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