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actor to many, playwright to more, legend to most


Connor Wentworth

Playwright, Creator, & Visionary

Connor Wentworth has always been captivated by the arts. From a young age, they loved acting in plays and musicals, always wondering where these stories came from. As they grew up, Wentworth found that having an artistic outlet was the perfect way to express their thoughts and imagination. In 2017, they fell in love with playwriting, and haven't looked back since. They are constantly meeting people from all walks of life, developing new plays, and always looking for the next adventure, should that be in Seattle, San Francisco, or their home, New York City.

They are blessed to share the Earth with the likes of Harry Styles, Lorde, Lady Gaga, and Kate Bush.

Connor is committed to empowering the voices of those who feel lost in the theatre world, promoting Queer storytelling by offering sticky and fresh perspectives, and creating bold, game-changing theatre.

“There can be 100 people in a room and 99 of them don’t believe in you, but all it takes is one and it just changes your whole life…”

Lady Gaga


some nice things people have said


Alex Leondedis,

Connor Wentworth is passionate, self defined, and brilliant in every sense of the way. Connor's playwrighting is a work of genius, using incredibly detailed, illustrious, and gorgeous poetry to adapt various mediums to tell compelling and relevant stories. Connor knows themselves inside and out and Connor brings every aspect of their personality to what they do. Incredibly unique, vibrant, astoundingly creative, and a joy to be around. Connor will enhance, enliven, and improve every project that they are apart of.


Rachel Tata,

Connor Wentworth is one of my favorite writers & directors to work with and watch. Every time I’ve been lucky enough to encounter or work on one of their plays, I am transported to and enveloped in deep, vibrant new worlds, full of love, humor, complexities, loss, grief and joy. Connor adeptly and brilliantly devises vibrant, passionate, and profound theatre with their poetic storytelling.  Whether those worlds are far away in the past or intertwined with our present, any audience member can find someone or something to connect to in Connor’s work.


Emily Baker, Associate Producer at Samuel-Lancaster

Connor's work can be summed up in one word- striking. Their poetic writing style through a contemporary world is something I don't see from most contemporary playwrights. Their work is ambitious and larger than life while still taking moments to recognize the humanity within all of their characters. Their commitment to the process and the "making" of theater keeps them constantly creating and improving on their past work. Their work is one you need in your season.

what's next?



Join us at 54 Below for an exciting evening of original songs from the captivating new musical SANCTUARY presented by Euphoria Theatre Company!

Step into a world where the myths of old are shattered, and the forgotten power of legendary figures is reignited. In SANCTUARY, the familiar tales of Greek icons are revealed to be manipulation shadows of the truth, constrained by centuries of confinement. As the confines of their binary roles crumble, these mythical beings seize the chance to reclaim their narratives and wield the immense power that has long been stifled. Produced by Lily Chrones and Connor Wentworth, prepare to question the tales that have shaped our understanding of these iconic figures and embark on an epic reimagining of mythology, where the power of legends bursts forth from the restrictions of their imposed stories and ushers forth a new era of limitless possibilities.

Book & Original Concept by Connor Wentworth (hey that's me)​

Music & Lyrics by Josephine Glass, Sage Jepson, Anastasia Lallos, Sarah Katherine Lawless, & Taylor Thomas ​

Music Direction, Orchestrations, & Arrangements by Eli Schildkraut (Broadway: Aladdin)

ICARUS - Max Craven

EROS - Kees Hoekendijk 

APHRODITE - Parker Jennings


IO - Emily Baker

MEDORA - Anastasia Lallos

MINOS - Sarah Katherine Lawless

PSYCHE - Jake Wallack



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